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Public Space Research Centro Empresarial ITAÚ Conceição

CASE STUDY: Centro Empresarial ITAÚ Conceição


João Eduardo De Gennaro, Javier Judas y Manubens and Jaime Marcondes Cupertino




Like the British Library, the Centro ITAÚ pushes the temporal limits of our ‘modernist’ design category, with design and construction spanning from 1973-85. Like other São Paulo public spaces of the period, it is a design enabled by a major urban transport project, in this case, the extension of the metro to Conceição station. It differs from them, however, in that it represents a now ubiquitous variant of ‘public’ space: the privately owned and managed space conditionally open to the public. The design of ITAÚ’s open gardens, landscaped terraces and water features make private space appear to be public space and public space, private, an ambiguity requiring security guards to clarify.

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